SBM 620

Automatic vertical packaging machine. It is combined with multiple loading systems.
Usable film: Polythene and coupled in general. Machine with pneumatic welding.
Loading automatic dispensers for various typer of powders, granules and food of any size.
Packaging dimensions:
Envelope height: from 80 mm to 1600 mm adjustable by touch screen.
Bag width: from 120 mm to 300 mm with the use of forming tubes on request
Speed: from 10 to 45 bags per minute
Installed power: 380 V, 3 KW
Standard features:
Standard photocell mark for reading printed film
Advance movie with motorized wheels with servo motor
The machine is equipped with a photocell standard mark for reading printed film
The machine comes standard with forming tube envelope width 300 m, other pipes on request
Size envelope with sealing pillow type center back and bottom 10 mm or square bottom on request
Equipped with standard protections for workers
All functions are controlled by

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