Rotary filling and sealing machine for premade pouches (doypack)
Powder: wheat flour, soup, … (by use of auger system)
Granule: sugar, seasoning, … (by use of volumetric measure or scale)
Liquid: detergent, shampoo, rinse, drinks, … (by use of piston pump or rotary pump)
Paste: retort food, … (by use of spiral pump or rotary pump)
Intermittent rotary machine with 8 stations is designed for handling pre-made pouches (flat and stand up
pouches) with/without zip
Color touch screen for easy operations
Hygenic and construction and easy cleaning
High quality and long life of all machine parts
Simple integration of peripheral
Technical characteristics:
Bag type: flat pouch, stand up pouch
Bag width: from 100 mm to 240 mm
Bag length: from 100 mm to 350 mm
Fill weight: max 1 kg
Speed: from 20 to 40 bags/minute dipending on product filling
Power supply: 220 V/ 60 Hz, 3 phase
Air consumption: 500N/Liter
Machine dimensions: 2680 mm * 1861 mm * 1675 mm

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